Crèche, Nursery & Primary School

Our Program


School readiness is not determined simply by a child’s age or their intellectual knowledge. It also depends on their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills and their ability to handle new situations. The year prior to school entry and during our first weeks of schooling, teachers assess and carefully observe all aspects of your child’s readiness and development. The teachers undertake Literacy and Numeracy assessment and makes contact with home in order to build the strong home school relationships. These results guide future learning and direction to meet all emotional, physical, social and educational needs.

All children are individuals. We recognize each child has unique strengths, needs and abilities and that not all children are at the same stage of development at the same time. We know so much about children’s learning and we know with absolute certainty that children learn best when they are happy and secure with high self esteem. Self confidence is a vital ingredient to effective learning. Our school Program strives to build children’s self esteem through all daily classroom activities, play and extracurricular activities. In partnership with parents, we plan for every child to ensure children are catered for at their individual stage of development with an emphasis on individual learning styles, self confidence and independence.

The classroom is a natural, carefully researched progression from the Pre-School year. The program is centered around inquiry learning and provides for practical, ‘hands-on’ experiences, manipulative and creative activities, role play and tactile exploration.

Literacy and Numeracy are a major part of the Essential Learning Areas. The class Program includes Visual Art, Performing Arts, Information Communication Technology, Science, Technology, Languages other Than English, Health and Physical Education.