Crèche, Nursery & Primary School


A Leading School in the Education and Care of Children

We warmly welcome you to Prime Academy Crèche, Nursery and Primary School and wish you and your children a happy and rewarding time as part of our school community.

Prime Academy Crèche Nursery and Primary School is a school where parents, teachers and children proudly work together to ensure the best possible start and future for our children.

We care about the children in our school and we are sincere in asking for your involvement in educating your child as we believe the early years are crucial to a child’s future success.

Starting school is one of the most significant steps in a young child’s life. The successful experiences in the early years of schooling are vital for their progress through school and their future success. Our early learning Program and our experienced and dedicated Teaching and Learning Team are committed to ensuring all pupils reach their full potential.

Our educational programs are exemplary. We have been recipients of many awards, primarily in the area of Literacy and numeracy. The results that our pupils achieve are excellent. This is a credit to our teachers and pupils and gives you an insight into our school and our pursuit of excellence. We have effective extension programs and provide significant intervention and support for pupils and families.

Pupil wellbeing is a priority. We believe in developing a child self esteem, confidence and compassion for one another in a stimulating learning environment. All pupils are valued as individuals with unique qualities and abilities. We are committed to engaging and empowering pupils to be creative thinkers and connect their learning to life through real life, ‘hands on’ experiences. We develop an awareness of environmental issues, an appreciation of all cultures and build strong home school partnerships.

Our school proudly fosters a strong sense of community and belonging and is well supported by parents who are actively involved in all school activities. We believe the role of education and schools are changing. It is our responsibility to ensure our pupils and whole school community are actively involved and prepared for their participation in a society where issues of health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability and acceptance and celebration of all cultures is critical.

We are committed to making a difference.